Welcome to your new Webdock server.

This is the index.php file in your web root which is located at /var/www/html.
You should delete this file.

FTP is enabled on this server

You should be aware that FTP is enabled and active on this server. Fail2Ban is enabled and will ban IPs after 5 failed login attempts. If you do not intend to use FTP, or feel this is a security risk you should run the "Disable FTP" script on this server (find it in the script library)

Sudo commands require a password

Webdock servers are configured such that you need to enter a password when executing sudo commands. If you want to change this behavior, please enable "Passwordless Sudo" on the Shell Users screen for this server.

MongoDB is installed but disabled

If you want to use MongoDB on this server, please run the "Enable MongoDB" script on this server (find it on the Scripts page)

Here's some stuff you might need

phpinfo() phpMyAdmin Stacks docs